In Britain there was a small zoo Aye-aye (2 photos)

The zoo Bristol (UK) was born representative of the rarest species of lemur, which is called the aye-aye or Madagascan Dyschirius, reports Sky News.

This tiny poluobezyanka, which was once the name is so small that it is placed in the palm of your hand.

According to zoo staff, the animal is monitored 24 hours a day, and feed him every two hours. "We had to pick up once the mother, because she did not want to take care of him. Aye-aye feels good and is constantly gaining weight, "- said one of the employees of the zoo.

Experts report that the aye-aye is a very rare animals - in their world, there are only a few dozen individuals who are nocturnal and feed mainly on coconuts, fruits and insects. In captivity rarely multiply.



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