Party for 500 people costly naughty boy (8 photos)

16-year-old from Melbourne (Australia) is on the run from their parents, after he gave a "best party of all time."

Delani Corey (Corey Delaney) arranged a party for 500 people in the house of his parents when they were on vacation. Neighbors called the police, but after the arrival of all teenagers in the house stormed the streets, throwing bottles at police and parked next to the car. Helicopters and police dog squad arrived to the aid that would disperse the crowd. Corey staying in the house.

Now the police requires paying accounts of $ 20,000 for costs and expenses.

Corey gave an interview to a local television station immediately after the incident, he said he was not going to apologize. All the time he was in their glasses, and when a reporter asked Cory to take them, he said, "I will not do it. These points are known. "

When she asked him to look at himself and think about what he did, Corey said, "Yes, I watched. And others watched, and they like what they see. "

After the interview aired, Corey was showered with offers from everywhere. He has offered to throw a party for $ 2,000, and local entertainment magazine Zoo Weekly has signed a deal with him. Offers received even from America. In addition, the web already have a website named Corey, selling his "famous glasses" and published "fotozhaby" glasses on everyone, including parents of Corey, President Bush and other politicians, celebrities and those who simply fall under the arm.

But until now, Corey did not return home, as he is afraid of the wrath of their parents.


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