The speed of delivery mail letters less than a crawl

Officially, it is estimated how much time goes to the recipient a letter sent by ordinary mail. At least, these are applicable to Poland as a Pole calculations made, interested, what is comparable to the speed of delivery of mail in his country, reports Reuters.
Shchibalski Michal (Michal Szybalski), working in the field of information technology, has received a letter on January 3 as it was sent on 20 December. Inspired by curiosity, why so long it was going to a letter marked "urgent", the man took the calculator and found out that message delivery will be handled even a simple snail.
According to the calculations of the Pole, the letter "flew" to him 294 hours, and the distance between it and the target is 11, 1 kilometer. Taking into account all this, Michal calculated that the speed of writing is 0, 03 775 kilometers per hour, and that he was struck as it is known that the rate of garden snail is 0, 048 kilometers per hour.


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