In Lviv, offer guided tours through the night cemetery

Unusual Tours now offer visitors the museum staff Lychakiv cemetery in Lviv. The journey along the paths of the cemetery they spend the night.

Graves of Lychakiv cemetery comes alive at night. Illuminated Lantern lanterns and gravestones and crypts of enchanting beauty and tranquility. Three months ago, it noticed cemetery workers. And now along the paths they lead Lychakova night tours.

For three centuries at the Lychakiv Cemetery found peace almost three hundred thousand people of Lviv. Here - the grave of Ivan Franko, Vasyl Ivasyuka Ivan Ivan Krypiakevych. Hundreds of artists, nobles, warriors and priests.

Today, the cemetery has the status of a museum. Monuments on the graves - a unique reminder by well-known sculptors. Hundreds of them have an interesting explanation. For example, the history of the monument officer of Napoleon's army.

Excursion to the cemetery takes about two hours. It costs 80 hryvnia, which is twice more expensive than in the afternoon. Those wishing to visit the necropolis of the night missing.

Museum staff are assured that this is not an extreme show, but only unusual art event. And yet - a good opportunity to think about the meaning of life in a place where no one is in a hurry.

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