Proved: Life after death - there!

Mankind has always painfully trying to answer the question: Is there life after death or at the time of physical departure we disappear forever. Depending on the answer to this question evolved philosophical and moral teachings of religion. Another attempt to answer it undertook creators of the series "The Outer Limits".

Dazzling light at the end of the tunnel, a feeling of weightlessness, flashing frames past life, an overwhelming sense of calm ... describes his state of those who suffered clinical death, but not crossed the line. What happens next? Step by step, scientists around the world closer to a solution.

Mysterious phenomena occurring on the border of life and death, was given a resounding definition of "near-death experience" (from the English near-death Experiences). He appeared about 30 years ago. American researcher Raymond Moody first used it to describe the state of people who have visited "on the brink".

Most researchers explain this phenomenon of psycho-physiological reasons. For example, some scientists believe that it is caused by physiological changes in the brain cells dying as a result of progressive hypoxia (lack of oxygen). Others consider posthumous vision as a response to the fear of impending death, or as a combination of such reaction and hypoxia. Still others tend to explain the consequences of the impact of its medicines.

However, a group of Dutch researchers led by Pim van Lommel has proposed his theory, which has become a worldwide sensation. The researchers asked the question: at what point there comes a state of "near-death experiences"? During clinical death, with absolutely flat line EEG, or at a time when the brain is already "involved"? Find the answer came about by accident.

One patient was taken to hospital in a coma. The efforts of doctors - artificial respiration, heart massage - did not give any results. The brain dead patient, EEG stretched into a sinister green line. When the doctors decided to apply and enforce intubation larynx special tube, it was found that in the mouth of the patient's denture. The prosthesis is removed and placed on a movable table. Half an hour later the patient returned to normal heart rate and blood pressure. A week later "resurrected" asked him to return the prosthesis. Doctors do not remember where in a stressful situation, put it. A patient with an accuracy of detail described the place where to find a prosthesis. When further questioning revealed that this man saw himself on top of lying in bed. He was able to describe in great detail the Chamber and the conduct of all those present at the time of death, unconditional, and his fear that doctors will stop resuscitation. Clearly I remember the patient, and that was desperately trying to make it clear to the doctors that he was still alive.

This event gave reason to suppose: human consciousness as it exists independently of the brain, and the physical shell of the people - this is not the only place where "lives" our consciousness. Does this mean that the human mind does not die even after the death of the body, brain death?

Once again, the whole world shudder made bold theory of the American physiologist Gary Schwartz. In his laboratory of human energy systems at the University of Arizona after a series of experiments, he not only became a supporter of the theory of the Dutch, but did, as some experts believe, a major step toward unraveling death. One of the first scientists, he took seriously to the study of the phenomenon of mediums - people who are able to communicate with the dead.

Conclusions Schwartz looks fantastic. According to the scientist, energy and information on the dead people were detained in the universe. People are like stars: they constantly emit invisible light photons, and these photons rush into space. The fact that our energy, information and our consciousness continue to live, just as likely as that the light from distant, extinct thousands of years ago, the stars keeps going.

What is it - fiction or a sensational discovery that can turn the attitude of humanity to the death? How can change our lives, if we cease to be the secret of its continuation? Discovery Channel made an attempt to understand the nature of "near-death experience" and the afterlife by people whose opinions on these issues are not unfounded.



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