Why do not we fasted various flash mobs ...

Push. Already the whole week I was flooded with reference to a flashmob - where it is necessary to punish the evil of the artist for what he starved the poor dog. In short as I thought - a complete bred.Pochti all these flash mobs it - divorce!

Fresh duck arrived from Spain and has managed to spoil the heads of thousands of our fellow citizens. This is a duck newspaper devoted to the unfortunate little dog from Costa Rica.

According to many Russian blogs, "a Costa Rican artist Guillermo Vargas Abakuk picked up a stray dog ​​in the street, and tied it to the wall in an art gallery, so visitors can experience firsthand how the dog will die of hunger and thirst. It happened in August last year, Galeria Codice in Nicaragua. The catching dog helped children who received from the "artist" murderer money for aid. Within days nekolko animal suffer, until finally, poor dog died right at the walls of the gallery. Some visitors asked to release the animal, but they were denied .... "

Duck fouls great - in the comments to such news usually reigns hysterical. Outraged readers are urged to tear the artist's wild dogs and friendly droves to sign an online petition of protest. At the moment, there is supposedly registered more than 1 million Protestants.

I wonder what would have happened to these protesters know that they were out in the cold? It is really popular Russian (and foreign news sources) simply lead them by the nose.

After Doggie actually died. Moreover, he was not even hungry. But let's take first things first.

1. First, the little dog named Natividad not after Christmas, and in honor of 24-year-old guy Natividad Canda, which devoured by two Rottweiler November 10, 2005 in Nicaragua. It is to this event and would like to draw the attention of the artist Habakuk. And that is why, I suppose, his conceptual work recommended to put in the other galleries.

2. Next. The dog was tied not to the whole day, only three hours. The rest of the day he spent time in the courtyard gallery.

3. The dog did not die of hunger. All this time Habakuk fed him dog food, which is specially bought for the dog. Yes, the doggy looked skinny. It should be understood that the vagabond life is not conducive to a healthy figure.

4. On the third day dog ​​Natividad guards suddenly slipped through the main door of the gallery and successfully escaped. Apparently his disappearance gave rise to rumors about the sudden death of the poor man.

From this information, you may ask? From the official explanation of the gallery Codice. You can read it in the following sources:

2. Starved Dog As Art Update

The most amazing thing is that these explanations are hanging in the autumn of 2007. It turns out that Russian news blogs feed their readers rotting information. Congratulations, gentlemen, sovramshi!

Update: More information on Dark Lawyer - ukrfan made a formal request to the museum and received confirmation that the dog fed, and he happily escaped. Details of the link.

With regard million signed the petition ... Apparently, these are people who are easily influenced and willing to believe the worst of lies as would be irresponsible, it may sound. For such people do not even Himmler, quite scandalous couple of blogs that they obediently rushed to where they indicate false journalists.


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