How to lure money


To make money love your house on the day of the salary can not spend no single rublin, the whole amount must spend the night at home. Some clerics conventional wisdom advised to keep throughout the year a large bill, which they say & quot; charge & quot; your energy will begin to attract money. Money will not be if to whistle in the room, clean the crumbs from the table by hand. You can not borrow a neighbor of bread and salt - wealth can leave your home and go to another family. To the house wound up the money necessary to put a broom handle down.


On raising the salaries is best to ask on Wednesday afternoon. Do not take the money on Monday, not Tuesday borrow and repay on Friday. Giving and will certainly lend the morning, because any action with the money in the evening promise to ruin. And generally try not to take the once, and often lend you like programming money to ensure that they are returned to you.


Pockets clothes hanging in the closet for the season, provide small denomination bills; And money does not like torn pockets or divorced buttons.

The purse

Never hold the purse empty, even if it is at least a coin. All bills should be placed face to the owner. In the small department store the folded triangle of one dollar bill. Also in the purse should be "lucky coin" (the first earned derived from a good man from a successful transaction, etc.). This coin can not be spent - it is lucky mascot prosperity, otherwise the money will be offended and will not go up.


Pass the three coins with holes in the middle and red ribbon to wear in his Kobelkov. Each time you open Wallet, gently stroking mascot - he will respond profitably.

Easy money

(won earned dishonestly found, donated, etc.) does not bring happiness, and therefore, should not be delayed in your wallet. Hand them out to those in need, or immediately spend.


After reading this article you probably realized that money is very easy to lose and easy to lure them to her. In order not to lose money stick to the rules set out above!
And to lure money send a link to this article to your friends on ICQ or E-mail and the money will, is attracted to you, because thus you show the money, you love them and how they will road!

*** If you send it at least two friends ... you'll have 3 years of good luck and a lot of money !!! ***

Send to a friend!

1 ~ and other money will be attracted 1 year
3 friends ~ 6 months
5 friends ~ 3 months
6 friends ~ 1 month
7 friends ~ 2 weeks
8 friends ~ 1 week
9 friends ~ 5 days
10 friends ~ 3 days
12 friends ~ 2 days
15 friends ~ 1 day
20 friends ~ 3 hours


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