Rihanna is a scandal in Moscow

Because of flight delays world star was almost late for his only concert in Russia

20 year old singer Robyn Rihanna Fenty threw a scandal the organizers when the plane put stars not misrepresented the airport and forced to undergo screening with conventional passazhirami.Nepriyatnosti singer began before departure to Moscow. First Star were unable to leave Dusseldorf, where she performed Saturday. German airline flight delayed due to bad weather. Then board the singer had to put in Domodedovo airport instead of Vnukovo-3, as planned ranshe.V eventually leading world music charts landed in Moscow with an hour delay. And even in the most remote from the city airport. When Rihanna had to pass passport control with the passengers of scheduled flights, its patience is exhausted.
- It is a scandal to the managers of the road to the hotel - the organizers of the Moscow
concerts of world celebrities. - Still would! The star of this level was forced to pass through the normal
terminal. Yes, it could easily dent in the crowd!


The hotel Rihanna came just hours before the show. She did not even have time to relax after a long trip: about two hours over the exterior star hotel right in the make-up artists worked. But the singer has appeared in public in all its glory. Mulatto, recently sported long hair, now wears a short hairstyle.
A few minutes before the show was almost a new scandal erupted. Car Rihanna is already entering the territory of the sports complex, in front of him when suddenly fell barrier. Unhappy security of the escort cars at breakneck speed rushed to the booth guard. Fortunately, the incident was quickly settled.
- It's a nightmare some! The trouble today followed one after the other - shared one of the representatives of the host of the party. - Not only that, there was this confusion with airports, so also here almost pierced.


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