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In a nutshell. Camry at high speed crashed into a Lada. Zhiguli driver died on the spot, in the Camry no one was hurt.
The driver of the Camry, which according to witnesses appeared to deputy looked drunk. Police arrived at the scene in a hurry all removed.
The saddest thing in this situation - a huge possibility that the killer was never punished.
Here I quote a witness:
This afternoon, in the village of Shilovo, ul.Teploenergetikov accident occurred. Such accidents, in principle, is not enough on the streets of our city, but this is different. The car "Toyota Camry" license plate e333ee (!) At a speed of more than 150km / h driving from town to town Shilov. In the city at a speed of less than 60km / h riding a resident s.Malyshevo on his VAZ-2104. At the entrance to the village is very sharp turn where the driver "Camry" lost control flew into the oncoming lane ...
On one side of the road the trees, on the other hand a high curb ...
The driver of the "quartet" had nowhere to go, the heavier "Toyota" just destroyed the front part of his car, he died on the spot.
By inertia foreign car flew about 30-40 meters and not turned over, flew to the roadside. Shop it almost hurt, rescued all passengers airbag.
After 5 minutes on the scene a crowd, a lot of people sitting on the benches in front of entrances and saw everything. From the "Camry" has left the driver with no bruises and bumps, with a satisfied smile on his drunken face. From Zhiguli endured at the hands of the body of an unfortunate passenger ... "Toyota" tried to take away from the hands of a drunken driver's car keys, to which the crowd responded indignant buzz.
At speeds close to the speed the culprit came from the police, first simple, "five", and then the higher ranks, including Lieutenant Colonel. This alone saved the culprit of the accident by ambulance cars crowd, among which already had a wife of the deceased. The total number of cars with flashing lights was about 5-6 cars. Many people asked to immediately remove their testimony, but none of them have not been admitted to the ten-zone. after more than an hour a sheet covered the body and drove away from the scene. And after 4:00 I came for "Lada". His cock had been removed evidence of past incident. This was seen: a young police lieutenant and a young man, Yuri, among which occurred about such a dialogue.
 - Ure, you're ezzhaj, I was told all would be fine.
 - Yes. Okay.
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