Violin for 355 thousand. Dollars left on the train

Trains and other public transportation, as we know, the best place for leaving all sorts of things. And this did not escape the fate of Robert Napier and from Britain. Here are just a subject that he had lost, became not any string bag and an expensive violin family, which costs more than 350 thousand. Dollars.

The instrument was made master Matteo Goffrillerom from Venice in 1698 and has long been handed down from generation to generation.
The violin, the ownership of which is also owned by two of his brothers and sisters, Robert Napier left the train, riding from Paddington to Taunton. As expected, the search for expensive gizmos "hot pursuit" has not given the results: in the train did not have an instrument. Besides, who would bring the violin, the insurance company has promised to pay about 20 thousand. Dollars.


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