Street racers gathered

Brutal accident of five (5) vehicles happened on Saturday, 12-04-2008, in the afternoon at the Grand Avenue Vasilevsky Island, exactly opposite the main entrance of the Intercession Hospitals. Column of unbearable fast street gonzchegov gathered Paravozov, as shown in the photo -). Fault (IMHO) so epochal accident served VolksVaggen Golf, inexplicably began a sharp deceleration in the place of narrowing the carriageway (when dismantled accident braking distance was about 12-15 m.). Nissan to follow him through a young age and had good brakes still avoid a collision. White machine (in the middle, which, incidentally, got the most) moved into Nissan (or her aircraft coming from behind pushed back another 2 cars). In general, everything else can be seen on the photo. Having stood on the site of the accident about half an hour very sorry that did not have at hand a good f / unit or in / camera person for passing and proezzhavschih had just seen -).

Traffic cops arrived within a quantity of one of the crew first few minutes of struggling with tears. The rest of the witnesses did not hide them.


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