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Excuses about unfulfilled homework:

I was able to come to my notebook to an infinitely small distance, but was unable to reach her
I know the evidence, but in the fields there is no place to record it
I was looking for a number in the cinema and got stuck trying to prove that it converges.
I could swear that last night put the notebook in the Klein bottle, and this morning it was not there!
I accidentally divided by zero and my calculation there and then burned.

From the mathematical analysis: "If thoughts come together, they are limited».
His insolence had no limit, derivative and not expressed in terms of elementary functions.
Linesmen - a referee, which is a linear combination of disorders responsive linear combination of whistles.
What - a compact city?
This is - the city, which can be protected by a finite number of myopic politseyskimh.
Sobriety - the norm. But life in this norm is not complete ... (About Banahavyh spaces)
Polar Bear - a rectangular bear after a coordinate transformation.
One colleague asked a mathematician, known for his religious beliefs:
 - You what, believe in a single, all-powerful God?
 - No, of course, but all the gods are isomorphic - he replied.


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