A resident of Italy from scratch created its own supercar

This new supercar was personally made car enthusiasts called Filandri Moreno (Filandri Moreno).

The car, dubbed Uragano (Hurricane), for 4 years as almost all of his free time 47-year-old creator. Sports car is made entirely by hand - not only the interior and the body, and even the brakes, suspension and steering system were made by Moreno.

Signor Moreno alone could not produce the engine only. This car is equipped with 4, 2-liter engine V8 Audi, who had to borrow a decade sedan A8. Very few people can say that personally built a car, but the fact remains - a magnificent view of the car and mechanics (except motor) - the work of one man, and this is a very big achievement.

Serial production supercar Uragano not planned, as its creator did not pursue any commercial purposes. Rather, it is - the embodiment of a sentimental dream Filandri Moreno, who wanted to build a sports car is with his own hands.


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