All the secrets of serial GAZ Siber (5 photo + text)

March 28, 2008 in the history of GAS again, there was a significant event: the running conveyor for the production of sedan Siber, formerly known as the Chrysler Sebring / Dodge Stratus. Themselves representatives of the group "GAZ" is proud to point out that it is - not just a new car in the Russian market.

This is - a new stage of development "Division cars" for Nizhny Novgorod. Never before has honored automobile plant did not spend much of the global work on the introduction of new principles of production. Multiple restyling "Volga" did not go to any comparison of the financial and other costs.

With the launch of the model Siber in Nizhny Novgorod came modern technologies, qualified personnel, has been a lot of work on the organization of modern marketing service, has established a new relationship with suppliers. Top managers of the project Siber comprehensive training in the factories of Chrysler and Magna. The latter, incidentally, has become a major partner of the group "GAZ" to create a new production model. For the organization of the new company by Magna were attracted the best specialists. For example, many of them at one time opened the VW plant in Mexico, which now make New Beetle. People from Magna does not hide the fact that the difficulties in creating a production line Siber was a lot, but the result exceeded all expectations. In another way, and it did not have to happen: Siber investment in the project will exceed 290 million dollars, of course, at a cost that much attention was paid to it is the competent organization of all processes.

Back in April 2006 signed an agreement to purchase assets of Sterling Heights plant in Detroit. Since then, the United States in Nizhny Novgorod was forwarded more than 3 thousand units of equipment. Now the new factory is working at full production cycle - welding and body painting, assembly of motor vehicles. It is also important that automated production by 85% - it is possible to minimize the human factor. Thanks to close cooperation with Magna is already at the start of the conveyor managed to bring the level of localization of production to 35%, in the future, this figure could rise to 50% - it depends only on the quality of domestic suppliers. He was given special attention. So, the leaders of the project said that the company was first applied practice SQA - Supply Quality Assurance. All components are constantly checked for compliance with the required standards.

After adaptation Chrysler Sebring began to look different. The design was designed by the renowned British company UltraMotive. Siber name was chosen from a variety of options. Name admittedly good, though somewhat alien to the Russian people. But the association with Siberia there, so that the name can be safely put a plus. Buyer will be offered three versions of the car: the base (18 thousand dollars *), medium and top-end.

The list will include modification of the basic equipment:

& gt; 2-liter engine and a power of 141 hp .;
& gt; air conditioning;
& gt; two airbags;
& gt; ABS - Anti-lock system;
& gt; traction control;
& gt; halogen headlamps with delayed disconnection and adjustable levels;
& gt; power steering;
& gt; adjustable steering column;
& gt; electric driver's seat with adjustable in eight directions;
& gt; audio system with six speakers and amplifier;
& gt; heated and folding electric mirrors;
& gt; rear-view mirror with auto dimming;
& gt; a full-size spare tire;
& gt; fog lamps.

Richer versions will be equipped with six airbags, more powerful engine, leather interior, radio with 6-disc CD changer, automatic transmission with manual shift mode. The top version of the Siber will cost about 25 thousand dollars. It should be noted that the exact price has not yet named - they will be announced in June, when the deliveries will start production cars to dealers. Now the plant is working in test mode - the final adjustment of the equipment is eliminated the flaws of the assembly. Total to June will be produced about 500 cars, some of which will go to trial.

Siber adapted to winter operation, and the Russian roads. Compared with the donor platform had stiffer suspension and more clearance. Already gazovtsy preparing for a new phase of the project estimated in 2011 should appear restyled version of the Siber. In addition, it is possible the emergence of all-wheel drive version of the modifications and station wagon. Siber platform will be further used for other models GAZ - considering the possibility of creating a large SUV and a minivan. Representatives of the group "GAZ" emphasize that Siber - only the first stage in the development of the group. In the future, "Division passenger cars" will expand capacity, there will be new models. In particular, negotiations with General Motors about buying a C-segment platform (Golf-class).


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