Muslims are opposed to the concert of Boris Moiseev

They call it "ideology rastlitelstva mores»
Karelian Muslims opposed concerts in Petrozavodsk, the famous Russian artist Boris Moiseev. Performances are scheduled for May 19. Head of Karelia Muslims to appeal to the Minister on National Politics and Relations with Religious Associations has called the upcoming visit of the actor "a challenge to society," and of Moses - "the ideologist rastlitelstva morals." The singer, however, is not going to cancel the tour. Moses added that similar words Mufti offensive against both him and generally to all the artists of Russia.

"You can say anything you want, but no one has the right oskorblint people not knowing their essence, not knowing their way of life, life. As for privacy, someone who gives you the right to intermeddle in privacy. I'm taking the right, beautiful, kind, warm, unique show. What does my private life? I will not give to their privacy and no one not'm taking it. Also, I do not ask from his public than they do in their spare time, and how they spend it. My idea - humanism, not a perversion, they say that. They must first see my show, and then do their accusatory statements ", - explained the RDA Boris Moiseev.

Muslim society is not the first time trying to prevent some of the concerts of Russian pop stars. In March last year the Council of Imams of Makhachkala unveiled a list of musical groups and artists, the occurrence of which, in their opinion, in Dagestan is highly undesirable. Then this list includes, inter alia, Sergei Penquin, Shura, Verka Serduchka, Zhanna Friske, the group VIA "Gra", "reflex", "tATu", "brilliant", "Corrosion" "Factory", "Leningrad", "Animals", "Guests from the Future", "Agatha Christie".


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