New Zealand scientists are studying the giant squid

April 29 a group of scientists from the National Museum in Wellington Tepapa (Museum of New Zealand Te Papa
Tongarewa) completed the procedure of defrosting giant squid and started to study it. The colossal squid was caught by a fishing vessel near Antarctica in February 2007. In New Zealand
They note that today the largest squid and octopus very little is known, since they live on
depth and only in very limited areas.

The length of the giant squid, whose scientific name «Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni», is almost 9
meters, and weight - 495 kg. Reuters has reported that it is the biggest and best
preserved adult colossal squid from all ever caught.

According to biologists at the University of Oakland (Oakland University of Technology), squid tentacles equipped with
sharp notches by which the sea dweller could literally dig into his victim. Given
muscle mass and length of the tentacles, it could easily break the spine 2-meter fish, scientists say.
Scientists believe that during the life of the squid was pretty dangerous predator, as all the natural skills and
"Instruments" to hunt an animal present. The scientists also say that the squid had a surprisingly
big eyes - the diameter of the eyeball is 27 cm.

According to researchers, the deep regions between Antarctica and New Zealand must
be larger individuals - up to 12-13 meters in length and weighing 750 - 1,000 kg. After completing
giant squid will be preserved in a museum in a special tank with formalin and put on public


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