Giant Hornet (5 photos)

Among insects there are often bizarre or horrific instances. One of insects, able to instill the fear of man can be called the Asian giant hornet.

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Its name comes from the Latin «Vespa mandarina». The Asian giant hornet is the largest hornet in the world, its size reaches five centimeters or more, and has a wingspan of more than seven and a half.
Habitat of the Asian giant hornet - South Korea, China, Taiwan, Nepal, India, Japan, the mountain areas of Sri Lanka. There is an insect can be found everywhere. In addition, a large number of Asian giant hornets live in the Primorsky Territory of the Russian Federation.

In different countries of the Asian giant hornet is called differently. For example, in Taiwan, he was named "Bee-Tiger." He really has a color, like a tiger - black stripes on a yellow body of the insect. Apparently, then he played the title role and the size of a hornet. In Japan, a huge Asian hornet called "sparrow-bee." This name is given, due to the large span of its wings.

Asian hornet sting vast reaches of 6 millimeters. The poison produced by its sting, is highly toxic. That is why a huge bite of the Asian hornet is very dangerous to humans. The level of toxicity of the Asian giant hornet sting many times more dangerous than the other hornet stings, since the bite of an impressive amount of poison is thrown. One Japanese entomologist, who was bitten by a huge Asian hornet, likened the thrill of the bite with a hot nail dug into his leg.

Bite huge Asian hornet should fear people who are allergic to bee and wasp venom - for them it is deadly. Asian giant hornet venom contains high concentrations of toxic substances - mandorotoksin, a large number of which can kill perfectly healthy and not suffering from an allergy to wasp venom person. Thus, multiple stings or bites a large number of huge Asian hornets can be fatal for anyone.
Also mandorotoksina huge Asian hornet venom also contains other toxic substances that can destroy the tissue of the human body, cause terrible pain, and the worst thing - to attract hornets. The ability to attract other hornet has acetylcholine contained in the venom of the huge Asian hornet, in the amount of more than 5%. The Asian giant hornet, wasp like, can use its sting repeatedly.
However, when hunting the Asian Hornet uses a huge jaw, which had fairly large and developed. Grabbing the jaws of prey, the Asian hornet huge jaws crushes its prey.



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