Audi burned to the ground within 5 minutes

In life and it could happen. Let's go people in the country barbecue fires, and ended up in that brand new Audi A4 2.0T c DTM package for 5 minutes burned to the ground. It all started with a small piece of coal that fell on the floor. Trifle when dealing with fire does not happen, always beware!

In the words of a man who was directly involved: We went to the cottage, cook kebabs. There were four of us, two of both sexes. We went all on one machine, the new Audi A4 2.0T c package DTM. Gains at 10 o'clock in the evening, barbecue, drink peacefully, BBQ extinguished, go to sleep.
It should be noted that the owners Audi, who is also the owner of cottages, rarely goes to the country, in this section is entirely plyanu nekoshennoy with last year's dry grass.
It so happened that we just now skewers grilled barbecue night and moved the lamp under the porch to be seen. The car rested 5 meters, for a quiet Vecherka itself is quite safe as we thought, the distance, the more that the BBQ was supervised.
In general, we wake up the next day. Girls fuss, like "Get up quickly, let's for breakfast ... even kebabs fry." They went out into the street before me for 5 minutes, when I left the house, one of them told me happily that has sparked mangal.Stoya in the front door, I still thought that the weather is good, that's just the wind is very strong too. At the barbecue he was left standing a girl, and I'm sorry, otshel on small need for 30 seconds. I go back and hear the cry of most of the remaining barbecue at the girl, that supposedly there was something burning !!! I looked, and just next to the barbecue lit grass, ie something fell out of it. Whatever happened next happened so quickly that reminded me in a dream. Later, all obdumavaya analyzing our actions, we can conclude that it was possible to change something, but maybe not.

As I ran to brazier unfortunate to 10 meters, the source of fire has grown by a good 1.5 Matra in diameter. I realized that this is not the feet trample. I rushed into the house, where the bed is still pulling on his pants sleepy owner of the villa. In my neshutoshnomu yelling & quot; ***, fast car drives away, or **** !!!! & quot; He ran headlong into the car, I followed him, holding all the water, which could seize the moment with them. In front of me appeared a car that is already burning grass and jump into her boss. Those. the fire for a few seconds had to disperse a diameter of 10 meters !!!
The driver drives the car fast for the road section. I continue to fight the fire on the site. All this is happening at the entrance to the house, the fire flares up with incredible speed, covering a meter by meter. Water on plots is not, the pressure is weak. The driver yells that he is burning the bottom of the machine. I yell that ***, got a fire extinguisher quickly. Here jumps from a nearby neighbor plot with a bucket of water. I grab a bucket, through the fire rush to the car, scorching all the hair on the head. While ran, the driver has used up the entire fire extinguisher, and a cross between ongnetushitelem type large aerosol can and those that weigh on the walls of buildings, ie, Car fire extinguisher is quite a decent size.


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