Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and Sergei Zhigunov parted before the wedding

Anastasia Zavorotnyuk are now spends evenings in the splendid isolation

It seems one of the most beautiful and seemingly eternal novels, crashed like a glass goblet. Fair Nanny Anastasia Zavorotnyuk and once "midshipman" Sergei Zhigunov is now no longer talk about the planned wedding: the couple broke up virtually on the eve of the wedding.

Moreover, this time the love boat has crashed is not about life. Because the problems of everyday life, in general, little touched when the couple - both artists are busy people and, of course, is not engaged in that were all day at the stove, or to find out who will make the trash. The problem lies much deeper relationship. Trite it can be described as "not get along».

According to the stories in the get-together, Nastia is not a simple character - much more difficult than in more peaceful Zhigunova. It is possible that by the "Fair Nanny" periodically demonstrated far from perfect "pressure." And not vice versa, as some may think. However, that was the last straw - whether banal quarrel or something more global, history is silent. As, however, and the actors themselves, who almost did not comment on the change of the status of bride and groom.

As it became known, not long ago moved out Zhigunov from the apartment where they lived together with Zavorotnyuk in a Moscow hotel. And there they are now alone. The idea that the couple is not all right, crept even during the film awards ceremony, MTV, where Nastya appeared in splendid isolation. Although such large-scale events, they always come hand in hand with Sergei Zhigunov.

Now colleagues communicate, but only in the framework of a working relationship. However, as we know and love - a piece thin. It is possible that the situation will change for the better. In addition, the return to the former pious are unlikely to succeed. Rumor has it that ex-spouse Zavorotnyuk Dmitri Strukov and former wife Zhigunova Faith Novikov already found their second half ...


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