How to talk to the traffic police inspector?

With the tightening of the Administrative Code of the punishment have become stricter. But not only punishment, but the inspector ... And it always rights Inspector?

On January 1, drivers became more difficult to live. Introduced amendments to the Administrative Code started to "choke" the drivers not only with safety belts, stiff fines, and arbitrary inspectors of traffic police. About to tighten the legislation argue it is not necessary - they are correct. You need to wear a seat - it does not own human security and national security. Break the driver, but more often affects people between the ages of 23 to 45 years old, is the gene pool of human resources and labor of the country. Seat driver in the accident suffers more than strapped. But his doctors are obliged to save by spending it more strength and medicines, which may simply not be enough for someone who wants to live - one who is strapped.

The general tightening of legislation is not intended to "raise ...

... More tribute "to the drivers and increase road capacity by reducing the number of accidents - the main causes of congestion. But any good intention there is always someone who wants to profit on this. Deputies of the State Duma had to admit - the introduction of new higher fines has led to the fact that in the ranks of the traffic police has seriously increased the level of corruption. Such a conclusion was the deputy chairman of the security committee of the Russian parliament lower house of Gennady Gudkov, who conducted an analysis of the situation. In addition, Gennady Gudkov suddenly recognized that travel to Russia by the rules is impossible. "Increasing the welfare of Russian citizens do not leave any doubt that drivers continue to violate, as driving on our roads without breaking, is almost impossible. This area of ​​unscientific fantasy ", - said the deputy chairman of the committee.

What can we do to put an end to the exactions on the road? Does something of drivers, or only on the "police officers" - service monitoring activities of the internal affairs? yes, and mainly it depends precisely on the drivers. Be that as it may sound crammed, the main thing - do not give bribes to yourself! The reason is basically a bribe desire to save money, but it could turn into savings side - from fines to prison. But you can save more than 10%, not 50% but 100%! If pokapatsya legislation, and save without the risk of being arrested.

In connection with the above signification:

 - To slow the car on the street, the inspector must have one of the following grounds: violation of traffic rules by drivers or passengers; availability of evidence about the involvement of occupants in the commission of an accident, an administrative offense, crime; finding the vehicle in the search, as well as the availability of data on the use of the vehicle for illegal purposes; the need to survey the occupant of the circumstances of the accident, an administrative offense, a crime of which they are eyewitnesses; implementation of decisions of authorized state bodies or officials to restrict or prohibit movement; the need to bring a driver or vehicle to assist other road users or the police;

 - "The demand to stop should be clear to all road users." If you do not understand the gesture, then keep going and do not worry: the inspector finds a way to stop him the right car.

 - If the inspector stops the car is supposed to check the car as stolen or is not possible to argue with the inspector. After this point he can explain any detention machines. However, this had to be the so-called orientation for specific vehicles, indeed, stolen recently. Knowing this, you should always ask that, say, to steal a car of my brand and my color?

Accordingly, if the demand to stop your vehicle was illegally, the penalty and show you are not eligible. In any case, the inspector does not need to be rude. Place for the post of Inspector obtained from the heads of departments. If the inspector is still prescribes you the protocol, it is necessary to check what would it have been described the place, time and conditions of detention. Then challenge it in court.


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