Scientists: children can not scream

Canadian researchers recently presented the public
irrefutable evidence that children screaming
it is impossible. It turns out that people on whom to "rip" a child
parents in adulthood there are changes in the brain!

But that is not all. "Shift" in the mind of these people of the same nature as that of the suicide and people with chronic depression. These changes by themselves are not dangerous. But if you consider the fact, with the same abnormalities in the central nervous system, many end up living suicide or go into a long-term fit, it becomes somehow not on itself. It turns out that those who have been abused as a child, much more likely to kill herself than their peers from more loyal families.

To prove this, the researchers examined brain cells eighteen suicide. It was found that each of these minor changes were observed, but not in genes, RNA and ribosomes. This process is called methylation. After much questioning relatives and friends turned out that many of them as a child talking in raised voices, children regularly oskorblinli and humiliated. As it turned out, it did not pass unnoticed.

Similar tests were conducted on rats. Scientists took a few rodents and subjected them to thorough research. They had to figure out how the parents of these little animals receive the least attention. To find out it was not difficult: those animals whose mothers did not lick a child and warmed its warmth were thicker and more aggressive than their cousins. Further, scientists have found that rodents experiencing the initial stage of a lack of love and warmth, the offspring appears before, and it is more numerous.

Later, these findings have been confirmed in humans. In fact, teens who regularly have to endure a bad mood and frustrations of parents, having children (usually outside of marriage) before others. With this they are trying to fill your emotional void and give care and love to someone else. But in practice, to have children is complicated and troublesome than it seemed. Souped moms and dads have to cope with the ever-whining and hungry children; many people can not stand the nerves and they start to cry tearing at the progeny anger, repeating mistakes of their own mothers and fathers. And, unfortunately, history repeats itself.

To break this vicious circle, it is necessary nedyuzhy patience and endurance. To learn how to change "temper justice with mercy" and loyal attitude to the misdemeanors of children in some domestic issues.

According to official statistics, every year in the life of voluntarily leaving more than 3 million young people aged 5 to 19 years - and it is only 1 percent of the number of attempts to commit suicide. Most suicides, according to official statistics of the Ministry of Health, are due to misunderstanding and indifference in the family. Meanwhile, even experienced psychologists are powerless in front of such indifference of society.


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