The death toll in the earthquake in Sichuan has reached almost 20 thousand people

Repeated tremors occurred today
the epicenter of the devastating earthquake in the province
Sichuan. At the moment, the death toll from
earthquake exceeded 19, 5 thousand people.


According to Chinese government estimates, the number of victims of the earthquake in Sichuan will reach 50 thousand people. Such assessment of the rescue operation headquarters deployed in the province to eliminate the consequences of the disaster.

Earlier today, the authorities have specified the number of confirmed dead - the latest figures, killed more than 19, 5 thousand. Man.

This figure is significantly higher than the previous data, published on Wednesday. Then talk about 15 thousand dead. However, under the rubble of collapsed buildings was more than 25 thousand people, more than 14 thousand unaccounted for. Experts point out that the chances of survival of these people are rapidly declining, as from the date of aftershocks has been more than 3 days.

Repeated tremors occurred today at the epicenter of the devastating earthquake in Sichuan province.

The province runs the rescue operation. Military personnel and physicians are trying to reach the most remote areas. However, the work is complicated by bad weather.

Emergency Situations Ministry plane to China delivered the second batch of humanitarian aid. IL-76 landed at the airport in the city of Chengdu. He brought to the victims of 30 tons of humanitarian aid. "It blankets and tents - what is now the local population in need in the first place", - the Ministry of Emergency Situations.

We recall the morning of May 12, 2008. in southwest China was the most powerful earthquake in the area in the past 32 years. The strength of aftershocks was 7, 8 on the Richter scale.

The epicenter of the quake was in Wenchuan at a depth of 29 km and 92 km north-west of the provincial capital of Sichuan - g.Chendu.


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