Dismantling cartoons (5 pictures + text)

Psihilogicheskaya cartoon character's assessment


Leopold the Cat - what kind of hero? Certainly clear on sweatshirts, tie-bow and the position of "Let's live together!", Which is the spiritual successor Leopold Plato Karataeva of "War and Peace", as well as Chekhov's stories. Meek intellectual knows how to enjoy every moment of life and nothing can it universal peace and inner harmony.

True, there are two points of view that differ from the aforementioned classic. Some say that Leopold is vopoloscheniem Lao Tzu, who is known for the white bull went to the West. Just then he became incarnate in the cat, but his ability to live in harmony with the world around him and remained in this form.

Individual researchers shocking claim that tolerate beatings from mice cat Leopold has disguised the famous Austrian - Leopold DELAY-Masoch, whose book "Venus in Furs" and was described by the phenomenon of masochism. But most leopoldovedov with such views are struggling with how to Isaev rezunisty.


Mouse - the embodiment of universal evil. In contrast to the gray mouse - just stupid offender order embodying only chaos of our world, this beast is more dangerous.


Uncle Fyodor from Buttermilk - the world's first downshifter. Buttermilk for him, as for current Goa crocked business office managers. He walks away from the city bustle, to reconnect with nature, and finally find themselves.


Karlsson on the roof. Just listen to how it sounds! This is a direct Indian name some and it feels good reason. Astrid Lindgren in his youth not only lived in Sweden, she is like Carlos Castaneda went on a spiritual quest. But instead of Indians and peyote were waiting Sami shamans and tincture of dried fly agaric. Becoming a young shaman and his communication with the spirit world was encrypted in a children's book.

The boy realizes how strange to him who sees the invisible, people around and then he stands at the window and calls to the Upper World. His call is heard and wise spirit named Carlson down to him. He is invisible to ordinary people and is shown only when he wants to. Carlson teaches Toddler worldly wisdom - "Never mind, it happens!" This simple phrase shows how the world is imperfect mortal flesh in comparison with the spirit world.

Kid using Carlson A in the form of rope with a bell encrypted tambourine Toddler,. He is using Carlson travels to the upper world and fight against evil. This image of Carlson so terrible that his fear inveterate criminals. Or do you think that they are frightened ordinary sheets?

Ancient alien to the spirit of this world - he used to take his blood and strength. That's why he steals buns and hateful domomuchitelnitsa (Finnish witch, described in "Dark beginnings" Philip Pullman) defeated him by force.


The series "Well, wait!" - The embodiment of the ancient Zoroastrian concepts of good and evil, embodied in the form of animals. Ahriman and Ahura Mazda, Ice and Fire, Darkness and Light Victorious, Wolf and Hare - the eternal battle of opposites on the animated screen. This is one hypothesis.

Others say that this film describes the struggle between the two great masters of wushu - Wolf embodying the gross power external styles, and Hare, a representative of the soft internal styles. Who is right and who is not - not for me to decide.


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