Under Chelyabinsk crashed AN-12, killing 9 people

When emergency landing plane hitting
Wire literally fell apart in the air.

Aircraft An-12 belonging to airline "Moskovia", approximately at 18:15 Moscow time, crashed near the airport of Chelyabinsk.

When an emergency landing of An-12 aircraft struck a wire. This was announced by Minister for radiation and environmental safety of the Chelyabinsk region Gennady Podtesov.

According Podtesova, as a result of a state of emergency the car began to fall apart and fell in the 20-30 km from Chelyabinsk. Then, the AN-12 caught fire. Rescue teams arrived at the scene found the bodies of all nine crew members, as well as a "black box", the results of which can decrypt the data will establish the causes of the tragedy.

Meanwhile, as already stated, after taking off from the airport Balandin said crew commander on fire in the cockpit and requested permission to land.

According to the Transport Ministry, the plane crash occurred at 18:02. The aircraft, owned by the airline of "Muscovy", performing flight Chelyabinsk - Perm.

As specified by ITAR-TASS Head of Information MOE Russia Irina Andrianova, the bodies of all the victims were found at the crash site ship. The accident occurred 30 kilometers from Chelyabinsk, he fell on the edge of the forest. On the ground, no victims and destructions.

In turn, Minister of radiation and environmental safety of the Chelyabinsk region Gennady Podtesov reported that the ship made two attempts to take off: first he failed, and in the second he took off, but then fell to the ground near the village of Roshchino, in the field.


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