"Eurovision-2009" can not pass in Moscow

"Eurovision-2009", the right to holding of which in Russia
Dima Bilan won, may be held in St. Petersburg.
Along with Moscow, he became a contender for the contest.
Preparation for it has already begun.

In contrast to the final Champions League, which took the capital, singing contest cheaper in the organization and can pay off.

Vladimir Putin instructed to oversee the process of preparing for the competition in 2009 Deputy Prime Minister Alexander Zhukov. The draft government decree on the establishment of the Organizing Committee for the "Eurovision-2009" is ready. The venue is not yet determined, the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), the organizer of the contest, said that it does not have to be the capital. Besides Moscow begs St. Petersburg and Sochi, on the eve of the 2014 Olympics would be "run" organization of mass events, and at the same time raise the prestige of the city.

Technically, "pull" the competition of this magnitude can only Moscow and St. Petersburg, lead "Vedomosti" according to officials in the government. EBU requirements for the contest, however, is not very strict: the existence of the site with a capacity of at least 4,000 seats and not less than 2000 beds in hotels in 45 minute distance of the concert hall. The conditions which meet many Russian cities. In Moscow, as the site is suitable, above all, "Olympic" capacity of 25 000 spectators in St. Petersburg - CCM capacity comparable with the "Olympic».

Russia for the first time will take a European pop contest. In Moscow, according to experts, holding of "Eurovision" will cost $ 20-30 million. These costs can pay off: advertising revenue, ticket (no more than $ 5 million) and the rights to broadcast may exceed 20 million euros. Court is still possible to add sponsorship: in 2005 only Nemiroff spent on "Eurovision" in Kiev 2 million euros.

Aliens, by the way, more than express the wish that the competition was held in St. Petersburg. Especially as the capital only recently I took the final Champions League. On the organization of the match from the organizing committee took about 8, 7-9, 2 million euros, revenues amounted to about 4, 2 million euros.


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