Armani Manhattan: Luxury apartments with designer repairs go on the cheap

What do you mean, it's not at all like the bright inscription «Armani» on the chest! Potential owner of the penthouse, on the other hand, prefers not to stand out from the crowd with bright labels on the clothes, and the elegance and the high cost of cutting tissue. This bird can be seen immediately: to fly high and is not going to fall. High - it means not following its own lounge, equipped with one of the skyscrapers of Manhattan.

And the name of the designer interiors of its luxury homes should sound loud. Why not Armani? By the way, two penthouses decorated in the style of the famous fashion house, waiting for buyers.

Sharks fashion business has long been drawn to the conquest of large forms. In the yard in 2008: it does not surprise any megayacht designer or designer hotels. With the hotels, by the way, Giorgio Armani, and he began his career in the art of interior. Now came the turn of luxury suites, decorated in the style of Armani. Both penthouses are located on the upper floors of the building, which formerly housed the headquarters of the "Chase Manhattan Bank." The building is not the first remake a luxury residential complex. Residents, except for such "trifles" as a sauna complex and the library can use the services of personal porters hour technical Quintessentially. But back to the roof.

The first apartment - a penthouse with two bedrooms and two bathrooms. This penthouse of 570 square meters. m is on sale for 3, $ 2 million. His "younger brother" of one bedroom is a little cheaper - 3, 1 million. It has become common place to remind that by Moscow standards the price is ridiculous. Especially when you consider that the apartments are fully furnished and equipped with everything necessary for a life of luxury.

But no one will pay more than 3 million in the same name Armani. Everyone knows that behind this name is a very nice interior. Both are decorated penthouse at about the same style. Only strict straight lines. The restrained splendor of the contrast of black and white (more white). Giorgio Armani populated by a host of noble interiors of apartments rectangles. When the clear lines and contrasting transitions becomes very much, so they cease to repel, like the dull box houses sleeping quarters. Straight line, holding a pencil Armani rapidly becoming as organic. Even the black floor in the bedroom as created by nature. A square cubic four-poster bed with a rose if somewhere in the woods unusual - only green leaves fell off. I can not believe that white wall thickness of not one ten centimeters: it seems that one stroke of the sword can cut samurai them like paper. No way somewhere above the ceiling bath mountain stream ... Why then the strict geometry of the dark walls of leaking a small waterfall with a stream of light? And there is no top of the creek. Instead, the roof is a rectangular pool, more like a luxury carpet that someone carefully placed on the roof of the middle of the deck chairs. The overall feel of the interior - the peace and quiet. It is these feelings and people should feel at home. For them, other much more willing to pay 3 million.


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