David Beckham's new toy - Jeep Wrangler

already for quite a long time the world-famous English footballer and concurrently the most beautiful man in the world, David Beckham is famous for his love of luxury cars. To a large collection of the athlete you can find Aston Martin, Mercedes, made by special order Bentley, Jaguar, Land Rover, Lincoln Navigator (the price of these machines more than $ 3 million.), As well as two identical BMW for $ 650,000 each. Beckham indifferent to Ferrari (collection of cars athlete has 5 machines of the brand).

David Beckham nourishes such a strong passion for this type of vehicle, which is almost every day of the birth of his wife, Victoria, receives as a gift a brand new Bentley as a symbol of love husband.

Recently footballer added to his collection of cars new copy which was the Jeep Wrangler for $ 30,000. Now, it is on this car, which he affectionately calls "my monster", you can find most of David. A very modest purchase order whose annual amounts to $ 250 million., Is not it?


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