Tango T600 - ideal for city traffic jams clogged

Dense road traffic - one of the biggest problems for the driver. You constantly get stuck in a stream, especially when in a hurry. Now you can avoid it. Just imagine a car that is able to cope with the traffic flow, just like a motorcycle, but there is no need to wear a helmet or heavy leather biker suit. Tango T600 - a two-seater, of course, is not the most beautiful design, but its main advantage, does not this.

Should we say that the size of the baby Tango T600 is 1 m in width, 256 cm in length, and two seats located one behind the other, you will immediately say that this is a motorcycle with a roof. But really disappoint you that it is equipped with an electric motor. Just think - a small car that can handle the traffic like a motorcycle that you can park almost anywhere, hi-tech, is the perfect solution for crowded cities.


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