The new Audi Q7 by JE Design manufacture

It seems that this year the company JE Design will continue to work on the tuning program for the Audi Q7 2008 model year.

The car will be powered by a modified version of the V-shaped 6-cylinder diesel engine, whose power will be 285 hp, while the output power of 4, 2 liter petrol engine will be increased to an astounding 500 hp

Painted in a special color called Red Rocket, the car has a stylish body kit consisting of front spoiler, side skirts, a modified rear spoiler with integrated diffuser, dual exhaust tips, and a small wing on the roof. Rounding out the stylish tuning program for the 22-inch alloy wheels, visually adding vehicle stability and visual appeal. The cost of such a comprehensive tuning program is an impressive 61,000 euros.


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