On the run

Soon the summer, and I did not undress during that

 - Do you have attacks of laziness?
 - I have my bouts of activity, laziness, my default

Yes there a galloping horse ... A slight turn of the wheel ... but thousands of machines

 - Like the girlfriend to eat calmly, he hung on the door of a huge piece that says diners. For 10 minutes the third climbs and giggles, says not enough space. What nafig space?

 - Daughter, and you want a brother?
 - I want!
 - Then go to sleep!

In the child childhood. At the lad - adolescence. In adolescents podrochestvo?

A woman in a shopping center - as a taxi unless you shout - will not stop!

The old woman is drawn into the compartment to Bradtke:
 - My dear, deliver you to me the bottom shelf ...
 - Bazaar zero grandmother, in which the compartment?

Each sock wants to know where his twin.

Do not wait to social networks proberutsya in real life. Overtaken plug on the side,
and - bam! - The inscription on the front lights up: "12 people think you're a goat!"


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