Mazda carries Moscow Youth super crossover Crosswinds

Russian youth - to be fixed! Mazda company for you will present at the Moscow Motor Show concept sports crossover «Crosswinds», and plastic body design is very similar to what is a concept of Nagare. Great news!

The most important difference from its predecessors it will be undeniable exclusivity, which is represented by its "uniqueness." It turns out that this concept, as if the fact that it relates to future production model, developed exclusively for Russia and its "new" Russian youth. According to the company Mazda, the production model created on the "little idea" of this concept may appear on the Russian market in 2010, and at very "affordable" price.

With regard to the more detailed information as gossip about exclusive new product, there is a complete silence. Mazda found it leave so tangled affair at the peak of demand - that is, the month of August.


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