Tokyo Motor Show (Tokyo Motor Show 2011)

Yesterday in the capital of Japan held an informal opening of the Tokyo Motor Show, which still can not get the usual audience. At the moment, the exhibition center is open to representatives of producers and the press.

We do not in any way does not prevent the start overview of the most interesting new products, and the prime minister. Let's start with those who are not considered a leading automotive industry of the country of the rising sun brought a few new products on show. First, let's talk about Daihatsu, which, although owned by Toyota Motor, may well be regarded as an independent unit. The Japanese presented a concept car Daihatsu DX. On the surface, it's usually a roadster, but the manufacturer says that the concept can be transformed into a race car and even crossover. Alloy construction and folding hard top - the very thing a secret weapon.

Mazda introduced another surprise in the form of concept Takeri. As it turned out, we have an ancestor of the future "six". In concept the diesel engine capacity of 2, 2 liters, with a capacity of 177 "horses". The main accent in the Mazda Takeri done on energonomichnost and innovation. Vehicle emissions less than the VW Polo and fuel economy with the help of a unique system i-ELOOP - only a couple of pieces of innovations.

BMW introduced at an auto show international version of BMW ActiveHybrid 5. The luxury hybrid is equipped with an electric motor (55 hp) and conventional gasoline (300 hp). Using a hybrid propulsion system allows you to bring the fuel consumption per 100 km to the level of 5, 3 liters, and acceleration to 100 km / h in 5, 7 seconds. The maximum speed is limited to the limit of 250 km / h, but the manufacturer claims that the restriction is made artificially. Also, they say that in the spring of next year, the car will go on sale.

Volkswagen brought two interesting offers. The first - Passat Alltrack. The SUV, which has been dubbed the rival Audi Allroad. Sales trends are also assigned to the following year, but without specifics. The original model for this version was the Passat Variant. We will not list all the variations of engines, except to say that the line includes two versions of gasoline and diesel engines. The same applies to the choice of drive - all variability.

Furthermore, it was surprisingly seen concept Volkswagen Cross Coupe SUV. Critics have called the twin concept future model of crossover Porsche Cajun. And the similarity is so great that it is no official information, all in confusion - will be decided whether Volkswagen has released a third crossover existing Tiguan and Touareg, and whether it will not spoil the expected success with the Porsche Cajun. In general, there are more questions than answers. As expected all future models, the crossover will be equipped with a hybrid power plant with a total capacity of 265 horsepower. The maximum speed of the concept - 201 km / h and acceleration to 100 km / h takes seven seconds. Only electric charge cars will travel 40 kilometers. And yet, yes, maybe we got excited, because Porsche Cajun and Volkswagen Cross Coupe SUV originally in different "weight categories".


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