Mug with mini-whirlpool

Say what you stir coffee or tea when you do not have a spoon? Most likely, the straw from the soda, a pencil or pen. At work, for this purpose we will use the tightly folded pages of a notebook or bags in which there is instant drink. Needless to say, the taste of coffee from such treatment suffers ...

Now imagine that in such a stupid occupation - stirring drink with pencil, you finds important client, or just a guest company. An absurd situation, because the truth?
But would you have in the hands of the circle, which itself stirs the contents - a ridiculous situation would not have happened. On the contrary, your behavior would be immediately attracted the attention of the visitor. He'd long admired what he saw!

Wow: press a button - and inside the glass is formed eddy dissolving sugar, granulated particles of the beverage, in general, all that needs to be dissolved in the liquid. Needless to say, a technique on the verge of science fiction.


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