Dynamic Tower - Dynamic Tower in Dubai (UAE)

According to the news service BBC, in Dubai will soon begin construction of a unique 80-storey
Building Dynamic Tower - the first building in the world, capable of changing its vernal view.

Each floor of the building will be moving relative to the ground and other floors. The innovative 420-meter
the building will rotate your floors at 360 degrees around a single massive column and fixed using
79 energy wind turbines located on each floor.
The "Dynamic Tower" in Dubai, which will be ready in 2010, will be located offices, a hotel,
apartments and 10 villas of class "luxury". Although the whole tower will rotate only the 10 private villas at the top
be able to control its movement.

Rotating Tower will be able to produce their own energy through solar panels on the roof and 48
wind turbines. It is more than 0, 3 megawatts of power from each element, each year in the amount of 1200 creating 000 kilowatt-hours of energy.

Presentation of the project Dymanic Tower took place on June 24 in New York.

In the photo - the chief architect of Dynamic Tower David Fisher (David Fisher) of Florence, which holds the patent on the concept of the project.

Dubai skyscraper to be built in 2010, total investment in the project is $ 700 million.

Last year it was reported that there are similar plans for the construction of such
rotating skyscraper in Moscow, only the height - 70 storeys.
However, as reported by Russian news agencies, Moscow Mayor Yuri Luzhkov knows nothing about
this. "I have not heard anything about this project. I think it has some idle fantasy "- quoted
Mayor RIA "Novosti". At the same time, Luzhkov said that the city authorities will consider such
proposals when they arrive.


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