New life for an old Land Rover

Have you ever thought about that stuff in an old Land Rover and a half thousand horses? Well, do not - such a thought has occurred to a small German company Bell Aurens.

He founded the firm Thomas Bell (Thomas Bell) for a couple with Kalveleydzhem Holger (Holger Kalvelage). The idea, in general, wholly owned by Thomas and Holger only helps to realize it.

So, what makes a Land Rover 109? And that's what - the frame is extended and makes a great nose SUV, so the project is, in fact, called the Longnose. Thus, the length of the car 4 becomes 5 m. Do it all by hand and do not intend to automate the process, explaining that each unit built - is unique and should be collected live hands, not robots.

Major modifications have Longnose assumed three - a 12-cylinder engine Merlin, 4, 6 or 5-liter V 8 Rover, but it is also possible to set 16 V (if paired pair of V 8). Power 4, 6 liter V-8 - 235 horsepower and 5-liter - 280. V 16 can also be of two types: if the working volume is 8 liters, the capacity will reach 420 hp, but if 10 liters, all 700 "horses".

In the year of Thomas and Holger gathered to produce 10 cars, and from order to finished Longnose may take 4 to 6 months, depending on the modification and customer requirements. Pricing has called only for versions with a V 8 - 125 thousand euros for a car with 4, 6-liter engine and 150 thousand euros for the 5-liter version.

The first prototype ready to show the Germans in September at the annual convention of fans of Land Rover in England.


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