There was a concept phone for the Xbox 360, plus Zune

While the phone is Sony (Ericsson) PSP is becoming more real, and rumors about his appearance less resemble the actual hearings, the light appears a concept phone Xbox. The authors of the design, which is, more precisely, a hybrid of the Xbox 360 and Zune, steel designers community T3.

Unfortunately, the authors did not consider the list of technical specifications of the device main point of development, they are mentioned only about 64 gigabytes of internal flash memory and all the phone functions that you can imagine. In addition, the concept turned out quite thin, probably due to Zune. If you ever go talk some more about this development, if someone in the future, pay attention to the technical features of this gadget, it is full of happiness would be nice to add to his arsenal of support for mobile TV and sufficiently powerful battery - and then it will compete with even the most popular devices.


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