Smart coffee machine prepares coffee on the internet

Our life is becoming increasingly automated, probably soon enough will only think about a hot lunch or a cup of coffee, as these dishes immediately arise in front of you. In the meantime, the devices do not have learned to read minds, you can run your coffee through the Internet. Yes, imagine, and this is already a reality.

Coffee Machine Jura F90 Bean to Cup will remember all your tastes and preferences: coffee strength, temperature of heating, the amount of sugar. But most importantly, it's a real computer with Internet access. At any time, you can contact your coffee machine via the web and start the process of making coffee. Thus, at the time of your arrival in the kitchen you will always have to wait for a cup of fragrant drink. Worth $ 2,000 an unusual coffee.

Just do not forget the one little drawback clever coffee makers, hackers can hack it, and then, instead of a drink you can wait for a surprise.


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