Hang coat in a chair ...

What do you do with outerwear when you go in the room, in which there is no hangers? Keep in hands or hang on the back of a chair. And if you have to sit for a long time?
Clothing crumpled, dirty, resulting in what has come clean and ironed and left in a crumpled and, um, not too clean. It's a shame, really well?
Why not use a chair as the cabinet decided to domestic dizvyner Yulia Erokhin (Erohina Yulia), and made one piece of furniture in two. Or even three, as in the stool can be placed not only coat or jacket, and backpack or bag.
By the way, this chair - a smart idea not just for cafes and restaurants, but also for small apartments and dormitories. For a large closet is no place, and a number of chairs - abound. Of course, entirely without the cabinet can not do, but you can save some space.


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