Charts advertising stupidity

10th place: How do you, for example, is it? The manufacturer of men's underwear in Israel once the veil of the country with posters on which was a picture of former Israeli Prime Minister Golda Meir in the community life-affirming phrase: "We always remember about this guy!". Well, that Ms. Meyer was the lady with a good sense of humor and was not offended.

9th place: In Germany, in the midst of an epidemic of mad cow disease have managed to release milk toffee called "Crazy Cow". You should have seen what happened to people when they see these billboards. Production company suffered huge losses.

8th place: Much confusion comes sometimes with the translation firm mottoes into foreign languages. Old tagline Pepsi-Cola "to cheer up with Pepsi," the Chinese have managed to be translated as "Pepsi will raise from the grave of your ancestors." I wonder how they have translated "Take everything from life».

7th place: "Pepsi" was lucky. Because the translation into Spanish American beer company slogan "Korzo" "Make yourself free" somehow miraculously turned "suffer from diarrhea!". Amazing language - Spanish.

6th place: ignorance of the language got burned car giant "Ford". When Brazil brought a new model of the "Ford Pinto" advertising specialists are not bothering to check local idioms and phraseology, and so of course did not know that the "Pinto" in Brazilian is very small manhood. Of course, a single car model in Brazil is never sold.

5th place: Once on the road to Tel Aviv for six months, killing more than 500 people there put billboards with the words: "Research shows that all those responsible for road accidents a small penis." They say that after that the number of accidents decreased by 7 times.

4th place: The Japanese categorically refused to sell anything to her in the West after the experts have translated the name of the Japanese canned meat as "sausage Human", and the name of toilet paper as "Last climax».

3rd place: Fathers British city of Gloucester inadvertently allowed to place in the city park exhibition of avant-garde artists called "Garden of Death." It looked like this: all Kusam and trees in the park were hung very naturalistic body of papier-mache. After that ruin the reputation of Gloucester, and the mayor ordered to print these posters, "Gloucester - easy to come to us, but we are hard to leave." And it rightly!

2nd place: A well-known European manufacturer of baby products "Gerber" only six months after the start of the African market I learned that depict people on the packaging with the product (for diapers or napkins, for example) in Africa made only when the product - it's food. Can you imagine what it thought about Gerber?

1st place: in the 20s in America released Ramses condoms. And only two months after sales began someone said the chief project manager, that of Ramses II, who was named in honor of the brand, and it is portrayed in the posters, there were 160 children.


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