Live plasticine.

You will need:

1) 100 g of fresh white PVA glue
2) half cup of plain water at room temperature tap
3) or borax, borax (sodium tetraborate), can be in the form of a 4% solution
4) color (a few drops of green fodder, beet juice or other safe dye) and a filler in the form of pearl or placer shiny ornaments
5) measuring cup, cup and spoon (or a stick of ice cream) for mixing

Prepared? Now the process step by step:

1. If there are no pharmaceutical solution of borax and glycerin, dissolve a tablespoon of borax in a glass of water.
2. In another bowl, mix a quarter cup of water with a quarter cup of glue. There also add dye, if necessary.
3. Continuing to interfere with the adhesive mixture, gradually add half a cup of there about a solution of borax / borax to obtain a gelatinous mass. That's all. Thickened substance, in fact, is conceived toy. Will only wash it under running water.


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