The hedge at the cottage by own hands

One way to hide from the prying eyes of neighbors can be setup hedges.

How to do it:

1. To make a hedge you need a lot of effort and patience.

The result of your efforts will be a beautiful green wall that will become a real decoration of your site. A hedge made by yourself – the process is quite time-consuming. She needs You to be protected from the neighbor's interest, from wind, dust and dirt.

2. The choice of vegetation for natural fence is large enough.

First we need to determine the height of the fence. If Your choice falls on plants, which reach heights of a meter, may be used Golden currant, boxwood, Potentilla, barberry. Of these plants normally do borders, which give a certain form.
Subsequently, they must be periodically cut. Plants such as Heather and Spiraea form a so-called "free" fence.

4. For fence height from one to three meters, it is better to plant arborvitae or hawthorn.

5. The fence, which will keep your security may be barbed.

In this case it is better to choose such plants for hedges as the hawthorn or wild rose. But do not forget that such a "fence" can be dangerous not only for uninvited guests to get hurt by the thorn can and the owners. Therefore, if thorny plants are not suitable, then you should choose something else, for example, elm-leaved Alpine currant, or lime.


6. What plants for hedges better to use: coniferous or deciduous?

As you know, hardwood is more resistant to natural conditions and hold more light. The main advantage of conifers in their ever-green. They will make Your site more strict and correct. But there are certain disadvantages. First, conifers are more expensive than deciduous. Secondly, they are not as resistant to adverse manifestations of climate.

7. It is also worth to pay attention to the fact that plants can be planted in one row, and you can make several of them.

The hedges that are planted in one row, usually used for scenery and decoration of the alley. They will protect the area from dust and dirt. Double-row fences will require for their placement more space. But their defense will be more significant.

8. If You want the fence was in colors, then choose plants such as hydrangea, lilac, forsythia. On the spot colors can be berries. To do this, to plant edible honeysuckle, hazel, viburnum, currants.

9. When planting trees and shrubs for hedges in the country, dig a groove width of 50 cm and a depth of 30 cm At greater depths loosen the soil and put a layer of compost (10 cm) or rotted manure, which is mixed with the loosened soil. After this preparation, begin planting.


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