10 tricks for quick cleaning in the nursery: the order is guaranteed!

Cleaning in the nursery - a real headache of many parents. Scattered designers adhering clay, trampled chewing gum on the carpet, dirty cups on the table or under the bed ... the list is endless. Surely every parent knows exactly where his child 'giving up the slack "and for some reason allows a" score "for cleaning. And what can we say about preschoolers? We offer to your attention the 10 simple tips on cleaning the nursery, you should definitely take advantage of that!

1. Markers

On hard surfaces, they are deleted rather well. Please try to wipe a table or any other surface wipes or cotton swab moistened with strong drink. If that fails, then use toothpaste. Apply, rub, leave for a few minutes and rinse. Incidentally, the paste should be no abrasive particles. The gel is also not suitable.

2. Stuck pieces of food, vomiting and consequences of enuresis

Soda - the best friend of the hostess. With a mixture of baking soda, hydrogen peroxide and dish detergent can be removed from carpets and sofas majority of children "accidents." Mix with soda and peroxide detergent in a ratio of 2: 1: 1. Fill a spray bottle with the solution and apply the mixture on the contaminated place with a cloth. Leave for a few minutes and remove impurities.

If instead of dishwashing detergent to use a little bit of lemon juice and take a rag instead of a brush, you can return to trample the carpet in the nursery almost original appearance! Be careful with the peroxide: it tends to clarify parts of upholstery or carpet! For starters try where is not very noticeable.

3. Dolls and soft toys

To wash the doll hair, soak them and densely covered with ordinary hair conditioner. After this, they are much easier to comb. We are confident that your little daughter will like to watch their dolls and she will be happy to do it yourself (but only under adult supervision).

Soft toys can be easily wash with a solution of shampoo and paper towels. Heavily soiled toy can be washed in a bag for delicate washing. But musical toys in the washing is better not to shower, they may not like it!

4. Remove the smell from your favorite cup

Often children take drinks to your room and forget to wash behind a glass or cup. If was an unpleasant smell of milk - easily cope with it the solution of vinegar.

5. Gum on the upholstery or soft toy

Here home remedies can not do. Buy "vedeshku" - water-repellent spray WD-40. Spray gum stuck on and around it, and a few minutes later take away the gum with a paper towel. When using chemicals, take care of the eyes and respiratory system! This is a means of purification suitable adhesive residue from all surfaces.

6. Dirty keyboard

If you still do not have toys, Lizunov, we recommend to buy it. Firstly, it is inexpensive, and secondly, copes with dirt and dust, which are periodically collected on a keyboard.

7. Pencil kalyaki-Malaki

Children draw on the wallpaper until about 3-4 years. If you have a rising young artist, and it is impossible to control - better not waste your nerves and stocks wallpaper. It will take a little time and vsë still need to glue. But with painted walls, doors, frames and door jambs well removes drawings paste of water and baking soda.

8. LEGO and the like

With all this sex change can sweep with a brush and garbage scoop (of course, not the same, that you sweep the garbage). Firstly, it is convenient. And secondly, it works a little psychological trick: if the sweep, then thrown into the trash. Perhaps your child will continue to be cautious and be sure to clean up after itself. A launder designer items from chocolate, spilled juice and other dirt can be in the washing machine. Just gather vsë in the bag and run delicates.

9. Sequins The very small and everything seemed sticky, which does not want to suck vacuum cleaner. They are easy to pick up the usual sticky roller for clothes. By the way, and some like crumbs from cookies to collect them. And all other trifles. If you show this trick kid in a playful way, he surely will bring vsë better than you!

10. Clay

The easiest way to the table. Take away as far as you can, adhering clay spatula or table knife. Smudge remains of the most common wipe wipes to complete disappearance of traces of clay. But with the carpet or upholstery of the sofa have a little tricky. Take iron, a large sheet of paper and iron the paper through the clay. Replace the sheet and repeat until the tissue does not remain mere grease spot. And it is already easy to wash cloth or brush moistened with a mixture of water and dishwashing detergent. In the same way you can remove the clay and the usual paper wallpaper.

Be careful when working with iron! If the fabric is synthetic, its long and burn. Controls the temperature as in a conventional ironing.

If you monitor the cleanliness a little each day, and not to leave the "ruins of the princely" until the weekend - cleaning takes much less time. Be sure to share these tips with those who have already got kids. It turns out, clean the children's so easy!

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