10 options for the brown-eyed makeup for all occasions. Underline the natural beauty!

Brown eyes have always been considered a symbol of beauty and attractiveness. Brown-eyed girl has never suffered from a lack of attention from men. The thing is that they are by nature look more spectacular than the blond girl with blue eyes. And it's not make-up. But if you add makeup to emphasize the natural beauty of the look, give it rapacity and playful cat, then this image of brown-eyed girl is able to smash more than one man's heart.

Therefore I made for collection of 10 very useful video tutorials on applying makeup, which will be useful to owners of brown eyes.

1. Makeup for brown eyes natural daylight

2. Daytime makeup for brown eyes

3. Makeup Shimmering

4. Make-up "Butterfly Wings┬╗

5. How to visually enlarge the lips with makeup

6. Smoky eyes

7. Evening make-up for brown eyes

8. Another option makeup for brown eyes

9. 3 ways to draw arrows

10. Make-up in style rock

Save bookmark lessons, so they are always in your hand, because in these types of rollers are present in the make-up absolutely all occasions. And show her brown-eyed girlfriends these helpful videos!

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