In Finland held the world championship in the sauna

In Heinola, 140 kilometers from Helsinki, for the ninth year in a row is an international championship in the sauna. Competitions are held in the original open-air theater, which seats 1,390, but this may be at the same time and up to 3450 people.
Rules: sit upright on his seat, elbows should be on your lap. The winner is the participant who can endure all this hot breath and out of the sauna and the last on their own. If the rules are broken - a red card, and for this party competition ended. Every 30 seconds, the stones shed a certain amount of water and the temperature is higher and higher.
The first place among men took Finn Byarne Hermansson, he sat in the sauna for 15 minutes 18 seconds, the temperature is 110 degrees. Among women - Leila Kulin finca time 5 minutes 21 seconds.


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