World Championship sports sauna 2009 (6 photos)

In the Finnish town of Heinola was 11 international championship bannomu sport. Russian woman was the most resistant. A resident of Novosibirsk Tatiana Archipenko won the World Championships in the sports sauna, which took place in Finland. Archipenko was able to hold in the steam room 5, 5 minutes. The champion of last year, the representative of Finland, gave up 3 seconds earlier.

The annual championships in Heinola are held on a regular basis since 1999. On the bathhouse event for 9 years winning Finns. Yet the advantage of permanent winners are not afraid of athletes from other countries, including the Russian. In total this year, applications submitted 140 participants from 20 countries.

The essence of the competition is simple - to sit out the contenders in the hot sauna. A group of six men arranged on a wooden shelf in a sauna heated to 110 ° C every 30 seconds on the hot stones poured at 0, 5 liters of water. Participants should sit up straight, hands on his knees. Wash the pot and pat the skin with his hands, and to disturb the other participants is prohibited. Regulations do not allow for the falsification of the results. Competitors can not use doping or bribe a jury consisting of representatives from different countries. No matter how tried to cheat the participants, the winner is the only one who comes out of the sauna last - and, most importantly, without any help.

This year's men win, as predicted by experts, once again it went to "hot guy" from the Land of a Thousand Lakes Timo Kaukonenu. Third place went to Russia's Vladimir Ladyzhenskii (Novosibirsk). Among women recently Fink competition were representatives of Belarus. But this year the real surprise was the victory of Russian Tatyana Archipenko. Our compatriot held in the steam 3 minutes 9 seconds and outlasted last year's champion from Finland Leila Kulin 3 seconds. It should be noted that last year the first place among the men took the Finn Byarne Hermansson, he sat in the sauna for 15 minutes 18 seconds. Among women - Leila Kulin finca (5 minutes 21 seconds).


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