RoboCop will appear on the streets of the earliest in 2084

Robots that can maintain law and order on the streets, similar to how it was described in the once cult film "RoboCop", in reality there will be no earlier than 2084. With this prediction was made by the famous British futurologist and expert in robotics Noel Sharkey.

Professor Sharkey, who teaches at the University of Sheffield, believes that the machines are suitable for patrolling the streets, interaction with citizens and fighting crime will certainly appear, but it will happen not earlier than in 50-70 years. When the development of technologies related to artificial intelligence, reach the required level, the robots must not be the only mechanism capable of performing a task, but also a full system of interactions suitable for a wide range of tasks.

According to Sharkey, processors such robots must necessarily be able to get information on bank accounts of citizens to have access to the databases of the police and security services. With all this information, robots can instantly distinguish the real criminals from law-abiding citizens.

Futurist sure future "RoboCop" there must be some artificial limits, which in the case of certain situations restrict improper use of force or weapons.

In his forecast, he also notes that by about 2070 machines, which is in the arsenal of law enforcement, will have sufficient intelligence to carry out the work for the people. For example, video surveillance systems, which are already today equipped cars will be able to find in the traffic vehicles, located in the hijacking. As for the drivers it is projected professors do not have to keep the queue in banks to pay the fine - detection system and violations will be a gateway to withdraw money from a bank account the offender.

The creators of the robots will have to try very much to the phrase "Dead or Alive you come with me!" Were addressed to the offender rather than the child on the street, say scientists.

"These robots can be extremely useful in protecting the citizens, however, lies in their application, and a certain amount of risk. After falling into the wrong hands, as has been described many times in Hollywood, they can cause a severe blow to the society ", - he warns.


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