Vanga foretold disaster for Georgia

Great Bulgarian prophetess Vanga shortly before his death predicted the war in the Caucasus, and its outcome - Russian defeat evil and bring the world the peoples living there.

She always comes to meet her in Rupite visitors from the former Soviet Union to questions about the future of the Union republics disintegrated. They were then asked almost everyone - everyone who in his pocket was still valid then a Soviet passport, was interested in the fate of the motherland. That is literally written Vanga Secretary Boyko Tsvetkova answer: "Too many of the victims brought. Nobody can stop Russia already. All sweep out of the way and not only continue, but will be hospodar the world. " And about Georgia known her words: "I can not say anything about the bad or good about the future of Georgia, because this future she is not at all!»


... August has long been a month of catastrophes fame: the bloody Battle of Borodino, the beginning of World War I, Hiroshima, the beginning of the Soviet-Japanese war - all these and many other dramatic events have occurred in the eighth month.

The dramatic events in South Ossetia began on 1 August 2008, the day of the new moon and solar eclipse, which in many regions of Russia was complete and seized 13 (damn dozen!) Time zones. Solar eclipse is always perceived as an important omen of great and terrible events such as solar eclipses showed to the world and the news of the birth of Christ, and anticipated its bloody end, and year solar eclipse of 1945 brought the first in the history of mankind the test of a nuclear bomb in the United States.


On some military catastrophe, which the researchers associated with the former Soviet Union, said Nostradamus in his letter to Henry II: «This will be preceded by a solar eclipse ... This will happen after the spring time after the extraordinary changes that reshuffles in the government, there will be great earthquakes .. . "In 2008, in Russia in the spring gave way to the president and government, and all over the world, a wave of catastrophic earthquakes (only in China killed 68 thousand. People).

War, in which Russia is involved, predicts and numerology. Numerological sum of the date of its beginning - August 8, 2008 - equal to 8 + 8 + 2 + 8 = 26 = 2 + 6 = 8. If we look into the series of numbers, then we find among them all lucky numbers Georgian President Saakashvili - 2, 6 8 and August 8 because he considered "their" day. But God, it seems, turned away from him, Georgian troops destroyed the Orthodox church and the memorial cemetery in South Ossetia. In the church of the Blessed Virgin Mary took refuge women and children - monsters burned the shrine with them. And this crime was committed by citizens of the state who calls himself a Christian (according to the constitution, Orthodoxy in Georgia "not only religion, but also the necessary foundation for the rebirth of the country»).

Mikhail Kalyuzhny


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