Murphy's Law

1) "The neighboring place is always moving faster. As soon as you go back to your ex starts to move faster. Your throwing inflates both queues! .. »

2) "As soon as you wash the car, he immediately starts to rain!»

3) "The most interesting exhibits in the museum there is no name plate»

4) "Good shots are usually made with the lens»

5) "The opportunity for the best picture appears when the last frame is used, the memory card is full or the battery is dead!»

6) "Which would you not stand transporter, your luggage will appear on the other»

7) "broken car will work just fine when it comes to her mechanic repair»

8) "It was the only time of the day when you sat back and relaxed through the office will be held from bypassing the boss! ..»

9) "The more boring and old magazines in the waiting room, the longer you have to wait»

10) "On the last day of medication pills or not at all, or there is too much»

11) "There are two kinds of adhesive tape, the one that can not be glued, and one that can not be removed!»

12) "If you liked the suit, then your size is not available. If you liked the costume, and have the right size, it is still on you somehow does not sit! .. »

13) "The duration of a minute depends on which side of the bathroom door you're»

14) "Two interesting programs are always at the same time»

15) "The probability of finding buddies increases if you go with the person, familiarity with which you do not want to advertise"


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