Fighting valet parking on lawns

In Moscow there was a community of people who are struggling with motorists to park on lawns. Way more than the effective :)

Here is what they write:
What you see in the picture - it's not figliganstvo, and social action. We - grinbombery, a group of people, which our Russian reality for Ala ** and that it, this reality, going to the extent of our power to correct. Problems in Russia a lot, so decided to start small - with ** have ini- tially tradition park cars on lawns.

No need to explain what this means: if parked on lawns, they instantly turn into a rutted wasteland and any arbitrarily civilized city begins to look like a deserted village in the period of spring and autumn mud. And take away the land wheels of cars on the roads and sidewalks, and is one of the reasons why the winter, spring and autumn, our cities are covered with a continuous layer of adhesive, disgusting dirt. Even in the most well-groomed US cities and Western Europe this dirt is not - it is a purely Russian "invention».

What to do? Environmental police idle time, and the owners avtomobiteley not have enough brains to understand that when parking on lawns, they are destroying the urban environment, it is necessary to take action themselves. And that's what we - grinbombery - do.

For the past few weeks, we color the car as Dolby ** s that are parked on the lawn. Usually just write something like "park on the lawn", "park on the lawn. Grinbombery "or something like that. The goal - to convey a clear message of the ruble and punish the motorist. Yes, it's cynical, someone may find it figliganstvom, but it works: According to our observations, to discourage motorists from a particular pitch, you need only 2-3 attacks. After that, we protected the lawn, no one dares to park.

We are only a few people (all from Moscow), so we painted the little while, about 40 cars. But this is only the beginning, we have select new people - in Moscow, St. Petersburg and Samara. So be sure, the scale will only grow.

What do you think, act correctly?


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