Oklick Z-1 - a tool Russian kibersportsmenov

Oklick introduced a new mouse designed specifically for fans of computer games and competitive players. Model Oklick Z-1 is equipped with a highly sensitive laser sensor that allows you to change the resolution "on the fly" (from 400 to 3200 dpi). Comes with a set of weights 7 installed in a special cylindrical tray at the bottom of the manipulator. With it, you can adjust the weight of the mouse for themselves.

There is also a wide scroll wheel, with the ability to scroll vertically and horizontally, two additional buttons under the thumb with three tuning modes. On the body as a LED showing a profile now included.

The main highlight of Oklick Z-1 developers feel the presence of built-in memory that stores your settings, even when the system is off. The case itself is made of a plastic device with rubber inserts on the edges.

Oklick Z-1 was chosen as the "Official manipulator Russian stage of the World Cup on computer games» (World Cyber ​​Games 2008 Russia Preliminary).


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